Snow Bird Car Transport

Seasonal Vehicle Transportation

What Is Snow Bird Car Shipping?

Seasonal movers or "Snow Birds" are customers that move to a warmer climate during the winter months. The most common seasonal movers are customers that live in the north east and head to the southern states for the winter.

Seasonal Car Shipping Services

Our seasonal car shipping services are the most reliable and efficient service in the industry. Every year we help thousands of seasonal movers get their vehicles to their destination.

We have both open carry trailers and enclosed trailers to ship your car. We have shipping solutions for any kind of vehicle.

Our seasonal car transportation service is year around. During certain times in the peak of the season, our drivers may be more busy. We still have a vast network of drivers to get your vehicle transported at any time of the year.

When Can I Schedule My Seasonal Transport?

You can schedule up to six months in advance for your seasonal car transportation. We recommend to schedule at least three months in advance with us. Rates do fluctuate and we want to make sure you get the best rate for your transport.

During the peak season we regularly have drivers covering popular routes. Spots may fill quickly but since we have multiple drivers we will be able to fill your request on the next available transport.

We recommend that nothing is stored in the vehicle for transportation and there is at least a quarter tank of gas. This is for weight distribution and DOT laws.

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Professional Car Transportation Service

Our drivers have years of experience with transporting vehicles of every size, make and model. Our reputation exceeds any other transportation company in the US. Our professional services are known from coast to coast. We handle every vehicle as if it was our own

Nationwide Car Shipping

Our car transportation services stretch throughout the nation. We consistently have drivers in route. In a tough location? We can find a solution for you.

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