Enclosed Trailer Transport Services

A cost-effective and most affordable car shipping solution.

What Is Enclosed Trailer Car Transport?

Enclosed trailer car transportation is great for keeping your vehicle from being exposed to outside elements. The car is securely loaded onto a walled trailer and is highly recommended for higher end vehicles. Since not as many cars can be loaded into an enclosed trailer opposed to an open trailer, the cost is a little higher. The difference between riding coach and first class.

Best Services For Enclosed Trailer Transport

Single Car Enclosed


Classic Cars

Car Shows

Transportation Is Our Specialty

We have worked with some of the highest end vehicles in the United States. Our enclosed vehicle transport service gives you a piece of mind. Your vehicle is safe from and dirt or debris that may be present on the road.

Our enclosed carry drivers are extremely experienced and knowledgeable with loading, transporting and unloading some of the most exotic vehicles.

Thousands of dealerships around the nation trust us to get their most expensive vehicles transported safely.

When Should I Ship My Car Enclosed

You can request an enclosed trailer for most any type of vehicle. As long as it fits within the dimensions of the trailer, we can transport it. There is a higher cost using an enclosed trailer opposed to an open trailer.

We typically use enclosed trailers for higher end vehicles and exotics. These vehicle types need special care in order to successfully transport.

Professional Car Transportation Service

Our drivers have years of experience with transporting vehicles of every size, make and model. Our reputation exceeds any other transportation company in the US. Our professional services are known from coast to coast. We handle every vehicle as if it was our own.

Nationwide Car Shipping

Our car transportation services stretch throughout the nation. We consistently have drivers in route. In a tough location? We can find a solution for you.

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