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College Moving

College Moving


Watching your son or daughter leave for school is hard enough. Let us work with you to make sure their vehicle arrives in time for the start of the new semester.


During your son or daughter’s first year at college, having sound transportation is an important part of their social lives—and your worry-free existence. And then the second year at college comes along and suddenly they’re living off campus or in a sorority or fraternity house. It can be stressful trying to find an apartment or working with new housemates to figure out where the car will go. Dealers Choice might not be able to say how big a parking spot they get, but we can make sure that their vehicle gets to their new house or apartment on time.


Send us a bit of information about your auto transport needs, and one of our vehicle transport specialists will get back to you promptly to talk about your options.


Some key points to remember when shipping your vehicle to college:


1. Never pack belongings in view inside of the car.


2. Pack a limited amount in the trunk.


3. Ask your Dealers Choice Transport specialist about our “Cargo Insurance”.


4. Make sure your apartment complex knows ahead of time that you’re having a vehicle transported in case the vehicle arrives before you do. It’s important to stay in touch with your Dealers Choice Transport Specialist to inform us if you’ll be arriving late so we can help you coordinate with the driver.


5. Finally, inspect your vehicle before the driver leaves to make sure it’s in the same condition as when it was picked up.


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